'Jak and Daxter' HD Collection Announced For PS3

Jak and Daxter HD Collection Coming To PS3

The early years for the PS2 were an interesting time; as the first of that console generation to appear, it was still operating under the same ideas of its predecessor. As such, it seemed as though the PS2 needed a mascot to represent the next generation of gaming potential. Thus both Jak and Daxter were born, stars of a series of platformers telling the tale of a strange and mystical world that relied on an energy called 'Eco.'

It has now been 10 years since the release of the first Jak and Daxter game, so how should Sony and Naughty Dog celebrate? By gathering the trilogy of award-winning titles, giving them an HD upgrade, and putting them all into one title of course!

We first caught wind of this via a rumor back in October, which certainly made sense, what with all of the HD rereleases of a number of classic PS2 collections. Sly Cooper, God of War, the Team Ico games, Devil May Cry - all of them recognizable franchises in the PS2's history. So it seemed obvious that Jak and Daxter would get an update as well. Nevertheless, having the rumor confirmed is good news for plenty of fans.

An official trailer came with the announcement of the collection. You can see it for yourself right here:


Naturally, in addition to the HD upgrade the three titles will have new trophies for the players to collect, and they will also be 3D compatible. The game releases February of 2012.

While it is nice to see a classic trilogy like Jak and Daxter get its proper dues, one has to wonder what this could mean for the future of the series. The God of War collection released shortly before God of War III came out. The Team Ico combined set is to be released before The Last Guardian. The Devil May Cry collection is expected to come out before DMC: Devil May Cry does.

So we have to wonder: does this mean that we'll be hearing about Jak 4 in the near future? Depending on the fan reception of this HD re-release, the possibility of such a sequel could become a reality.

Will you be getting this collection upon its release? Do you think we'll hear about a possible Jak 4 sometime soon?

The Jak and Daxter Collection will release in February 2012.


Source: Playstation Blog

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