Jak and Daxter Trilogy HD Remasters Coming to PS4

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Naughty Dog is now synonymous with Triple-A titles, but the studio was known for churning out some incredible games long before it reached the level of acclaim it enjoys today. Back during the PS2 era, Naughty Dog was bought by Sony, and the first collaborative project between the companies was a quirky action-platformer named Jak and Daxter. The series quickly stole the hearts of a generation with its inventive gameplay, unique brand of humor, and charming cast of characters.

Luckily, for longtime fans and platforming aficionados, the entire Jak and Daxter series is being released on PlayStation 4. The games will be getting some polish through, what Sony is calling, 1080p up-rendering -- which is a fancy way of saying it will look sharper.

Included in the release are Jak and Daxter, Jak II, and Jak 3. Also along for the ride is Jak X: Combat Racing, a spin-off vehicular combat game based on the driving mechanics found in Jak 3. This will mark the first time the title has been made available outside its original PS2 release.

There will also be a few more additional features packaged in with the games, such as Trophy support, Shareplay, Remote Play, and Activity Feeds. There are no prices listed as of yet, but each game will be available to purchase and download from the PS Store later this year.

The PlayStation 2 is generally regarded as a great period for gaming, with Jak and Daxter among some of its most memorable titles. We absolutely had to include it in our top 10 PS2 games everyone should play, where it was joined by powerhouse titles such as God of WarFinal Fantasy X, and Shadow of the Colossus -- all of which have had HD remasters of their own. The Jak and Daxter series saw an HD collection release once before on the PS3, though it only included the three base games.

With so much attention on the popular series, many fans wonder why Naughty Dog doesn't just opt for a proper sequel. Unfortunately, the studio has firmly stated it has no future plans for the series at this time. Not that anyone is complaining, considering the projects the studio currently has on its plate.

After a long period of speculation, it was finally announced that The Last of Us has a direct sequel in development. Uncharted is getting a pretty hefty DLC that will be seen, for the first time, through the eyes of characters who aren't Nathan Drake, and it will provide an action-packed close the series and the events. Additionally, Naughty Dog's original success, Crash Bandicoot, is getting a proper remaster for its series of games with the N-Sane Trilogy, which will release this summer, June 2017.

Jak and Daxter PS2 Classics will release for PlayStation 4 some time later this year.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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