'Jak and Daxter Collection' Available Feb. 7; 100+ Trophies Added

Jak and Daxter Collection Release Date

Though the future for developer Naughty Dog is pretty clear, with the developer working on both an Uncharted follow-up and the "zombie" survival title The Last of Us as we speak, that shouldn't negate the importance of seeing what types of games the developer was delivering before making the jump to Drake. It was a perfect confluence of events, Jak and Daxter Collection being announced, gamers had been seeing many of the PS2 staples of yesteryear popping up in HD form, many of which were earlier properties from developers who were at the top of their game today.

Now there's no doubt that Jak and Daxter bares little resemblance to Uncharted or The Last of Us, but from the folks who were putting out Crash Bandicoot, it showed a clear eye for level design and storytelling. The platforming in Jak is of the highest caliber, and its ability to factor in varied power-ups kept the formula feeling fresh after three entries — and now gamers are going to get their hands on all three games in just over two weeks.

While Naughty Dog has stepped out and Mass Media has stepped in, there is still the assumption that the core of Jak's trilogy will be preserved — Naughty Dog has been closely working with MM after all. But the game's new developer does get the chance to guide the experience by way of PS3 trophies, a few of which were teased today.

They may not be particularly revelatory, and there are only eight of the promised 100 trophies on display, but, as an incentive booster for platforming enthusiasts, these trophies should have gamers checking every nook and cranny.

Jak and Daxter Collection Trophies

As was said before, the Jak and Daxter trilogy might not be familiar to all, but it is definitely worth checking out for any Naughty Dog fans out there. As the precursor (pun intended) to the Uncharted series, the Jak and Daxter Collection can show just how creative these developers were -- even though they were working with a talking otsel.

Are you interested in checking out the Jak and Daxter Collection? For anyone who has already played through the games, are 100+ trophies enough incentive to play again?

The Jak and Daxter Collection releases February 7, 2012 for the PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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