With Jagged Alliance: Back in Action rolling into Arulco, it seems the online browser-based portion of the game is set to move ahead in a new, untold direction. Gamescom has brought some news that will be more than welcome to the series’ fans, as Gamigo confirmed Jagged Alliance: Online is finally nearing completion.

The team has already put in more than a little time on the game, but it seems that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. The newest trailer shows us that the fan-favorite Russian mercenary Ivan Dolvich – along with Shadow and another merc – has been betrayed by his employer after a mission went awry.

After such treachery, a supposedly-dead Dolvich is set on revenge, and it looks like the entire AIM organization is looking to back him up on this quest.

Take a look at Ivan’s story in the upcoming Jagged Alliance: Online, thanks to the the project’s Gamescom 2011 preview:


We got a chance to go hands-on with Jagged Alliance: Online during E3 2011, and were pleasantly surprise by the 3D animations running in a web browser. Fans of the previous games will immediately be able to jump into the action as the tactical screen and gameplay are very similar to past titles, although functioning on a much more simplistic scale.

Players will find that even if they’ve got the cash to hire the most skilled mercenaries, it’s easy to find yourself on the losing side of a firefight if the tactical situation isn’t taken into account. Positioning, stealth, and the environment all play a huge factor in the game. During play-testing, we went through the same mission twice, once plowing through with abandon, and again choosing to sneak up on enemies at a railroad station. You can guess which technique went smoothly, and which one ended with half of our squad wounded and the other half dead.

While the release date of the game hasn’t been revealed, you can rest assured Gamigo are keeping themselves busy developing the game for the classic franchise fans. Alongside several other projects like UFO: Online, that is, running on a similar engine to the upcoming Jagged Alliance title. If you like the look of whichever is released first, it would be worth your while to check out the other.

What do you think about Jagged Alliance: Online? Are you going to play it when it gets released? Do you think it can stand up to the rest of the games in the series?

We’ll keep you informed on any and all information surrounding Ivan’s quest for vengeance in Jagged Alliance: Online.

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