'Jagged Alliance: Back in Action' Trailer Shows Off 'Plan and Go' Tactics

Plan and Go tactics in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.

It's almost time for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action to make its name come true - with a release date set for February 14th at retail and February 9th on Steam.

Developers bitComposer are set to prepare you for the Jagged Alliance: Back in Action journey with a new video detailing the tactical side of combat - which features a brand new system never before seen in a Jagged Alliance game.

The new "Plan & Go" system for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action will help the freedom fighters of Arulco prepare and initiate tactics - enabling you to sneak and surprise enemies encountered along your path to taking down Deidranna's dictatorship. Things have been pretty bad for the citizens of Arulco, and it is the player's job to build up confidence that a revolution is possible. The best route to victory? Tactically sound brute force.

In the trailer, players can see how the new tactical system is used to sneak up on a group of soldiers in Cambria, one of the many towns under Deidranna's control - and later how to utilize live-action strategy in terms of enemy engagement, covering fire, grenades and saving lives.

Check out the new Jagged Alliance Plan & Go system below:


As the trailer shows, sneaking and using the environment to your advantage will play a huge role in Jagged Alliance, just as it has in earlier games. Players will constantly be outnumbered as they take a ragtag rebellion and implement mercenaries to turn the battle into a full-scale revolution. As a result, grenades are your best friends (well, for the most part. Until enemies use them too).

While the trailer slowed down to allow the narrator to speak here and there, it was certainly an improvement over the prior less-encouraging trailer - which was mostly mercenaries just standing and shooting in relatively similar situations.

While this trailer was an improvement, it's pretty alarming how both mercenaries and soldiers seem to move slowly, even during combat, and react to gunfire at what some might call "sloth-like speed." bitComposer has a lot to prove next month when the game releases - so that players don't just write the developer off as yet another game company that failed to revitalize a promising Older IP.

What do you think about the Plan & Go system? Do you think the revival of Jagged Alliance will be a success?

Jagged Alliance 2: Back in Action is a PC only release set for February 9th on Steam and February 14th at retail.

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