Jagged Alliance: Back In Action Teaser Trailer

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Jagged Alliance: Back In Action, but the team over at bitComposer games seems to have been hard work, releasing a teaser trailer showing off Arulco’s new look. The game is shaping up to be a worthy tribute to the series, which hasn’t seen a full retail release since 1999, though it has been brought to new crowds via Steam.

Leaving the looks of the old series behind, the turn-based 3D combat of Jagged Alliance: Back In Action will be available to all within three months, and bitComposer wants you to know it.

The game, a remake of the original Jagged Alliance 2, is poised to put players back into the brutal liberation process of Arulco, a former tourist destination plagued by years of violence and warfare under the dictatorship of their new Queen, Deidranna. Selecting and hiring a team of mercenaries with conflicts, talents, opinions, and personalities is your job — but it’s just the beginning.

Take a look at theĀ  Arulco Teaser Trailer for Jagged alliance: Back In Action below and enjoy what the country has to offer:

[bitsontherun q6U58Ex1]

Things may look bad for the locals, but hey, at least it can only go up from there! Fans of the original will appreciate the nod to the old intro cinematic as the jeeps roll up, but newcomers and veterans alike all know a smug general who needs to be knocked down a peg when they see one.

Back in Action aims to not only bring an RPG element back into the mix, but also show gamers that the series offers strategic turn-based combat, real-time planning, and financial management all at once. As you manage your mercenaries and their respective talents, positioning your forces in real-time as the enemy approaches, and analyzing the situations as they unfold over the entire country are all things that play a large affect on how the game will play out. Money will be tight, meaning raising a force of militia to aid your quest is a necessity as the Queen’s army bears down on all rebel forces. Winning the loyalty of locals, however, is harder than you think — and you’ll need that before anyone agrees to fight for you.

The original game delivered days worth of gameplay, regardless of difficulty setting, as instigating a revolution is simply a task that takes time, money, and many more mercenaries than you can initially afford. Arulco is a country full of different personalities which can aid — or alternatively, slow down — your conquest on the small island country. How you respond to these personalities and events is completely up to you!

Fans of strategy games and turn-based combat should take a look at Jagged Alliance: Back In Action. The graphics may not be as cutting-edge as today’s gamers are used to, but in the end the gameplay will be the ultimate test — and if bitComposer can keep it like the original, Back in Action should be a good experience.

You can expect to see Jagged Alliance: Back In Action released this October for PC, though a specific date has not yet been announced. We’ll let you know as things develop!