'Jagged Alliance: Back in Action' Release Date Confirmed

Jagged Alliance Back in Action Release Date

Fans of the classic Jagged Alliance series will be happy to hear they have a chance to return to Arulco in early 2012, as developer bitComposer has recently confirmed a February release date for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.

Since the first developer diaries came out in May, the game has progressed from a simple mod-look-alike to something potentially greater, though the ultimate verdict will depend on whether hardcore fans of the franchise accept Back in Action as a proper Jagged Alliance title, despite coming from a new developer.

Positioned as a spiritual successor to the 1999 success Jagged Alliance 2 (in terms of cult-following, but certainly not profitability), Jagged Alliance: Back in Action aims to tell the same story while making massive adjustments to the gameplay itself. A new 3D environment will be presented, allowing more diverse combat to take place as you lead a team of mercenaries -- potentially including yourself -- to help a rebel-led revolution over the brutal dictator Deidrienna. If you think such a game might interest you, you can check out the dictator-driven trailer to see what life is like for the residents of Arulco.

Turn-based gameplay has been replaced in the headlines these days by first-person shooters and real-time action (Civilization is the exception to the rule), but the Jagged Alliance series was once a top-notch product with much acclaim.While it's been in the shadows for many years, an active fanbase has remained online crafting a ton of modifications, new items and even entire campaigns -- meaning that potential for a profitable new title is certainly still on the table.

Your return to the city of Drassen is met just as smoothly as it was in Jagged Alliance 2.

Developer bitComposer aims to faithfully recreate the turn-based series by dusting it off, keeping the same features that fans of the series love, and putting in a 3D tactical world while adding a few real-time activities that the older games never provided, like live-time tactical positioning as enemies approach your position. This feature will be a handy one, as in the previous game if you got attacked, mercenaries were still wherever you left them, which was often huddled together to trade collected weapons after a tough fight -- not a good spot to be in at the start of a new one.

What do you think about Back in Action? Will it be a worthy Jagged Alliance successor?

Expect Jagged Alliance: Back in Action for PC in February 2012.


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