Jade Raymond of Ubisoft is Working on Splinter Cell 6

Splinter Cell 6 Announced

Jade Raymond is arguably the most well-known face of Ubisoft. She's been a producer on every single Assassin's Creed console game thus far, but it looks like Raymond will be shifting her focus from Ezio to Sam Fisher. A video was recently released that features Raymond talking about how she and everyone at Ubisoft Toronto are currently working on Splinter Cell 6. Since it's the first thing she mentions in the video, she is apparently not trying to keep it a secret.

We're working on Splinter Cell 6, the next iteration of the blockbuster franchise, and we're doing it entirely here in Toronto.

Way back in May of this year, Raymond had confirmed that herself and the core Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction team were already hard at work on a new Splinter Cell project, but it had never been confirmed to be Splinter Cell 6. We probably should have expected it, but it's still nice to get an official confirmation regardless. The official announcement trailer/Ontario infomercial is conveniently located below for your viewing pleasure.


Some news that's even cooler than the fact that Raymond and crew are hard at work on the 6th Splinter Cell is that the studio has already provided 83 people with employment and plans to eventually fill around 800 positions, which is a nice reversal from recent stories of employees being laid off or companies closing altogether. Even though the jobs are expected to be filled over the next 10 years, the mass hiring is happening faster then the folks at Ubisoft had anticipated.

Sounds like they will absolutely need those people, because Raymond has mentioned in the past that Ubisoft plans to develop at least five triple-A games in their fabulous new Toronto-based studio. That's right, five blockbuster titles are currently scheduled and two are already underway. Unfortunately, Raving Rabbids is probably not considered a "triple-A" game, which is a shame because those little guys are awesome.

Are you pumped for Splinter Cell 6? Are you going to apply for a position at Ubisoft's new Toronto studio and get in on the nerf wars?

Source: Eurogamer

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