BioWare's Jade Empire Hits The App Store Today

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BioWare's epic role-playing game Jade Empire has released on the App Store, allowing gamers to live out their kung fu fantasies in a mythical setting inspired by Imperial China.

Having released over a decade ago, Jade Empire may not have the prestige that BioWare's later games like Mass Effect have garnered, but it is just as excellent. Luckily, those who want to experience it won't have to dig out the old Xbox gathering dust in the attic; they can download it today on the App Store.

There had been hints of its imminent release for some time, and a few months back Aspyr, the folks in charge of the port, hinted at a "mystery game" that everyone was sure would be Jade Empire. It appears we were right.

The version released on the App Store will be the Special Edition of the game, which includes a higher difficulty level, more fighting styles, and additional weapons. It also features an improved map interface and improved AI, so those playing for the first time will get to experience the definitive edition of the game.

Based on BioWare's undeniable successes with role-playing games, Jade Empire shouldn't be too hard a sell when attempting to pique the interest of the uninitiated. While the style and setting are very different compared to other BioWare games, those jumping in for the first time will regularly tread familiar ground. Jade Empire's gameplay engine shares a lot of similarities with one of the developer's most popular series: Knights of the Old RepublicAnd, in classic BioWare style, there are many moral choices that lead players down the path of light and dark – known in-game as the way of the open palm and the way of the closed fist.

The story is a wuxia tale, meaning it follows a style of Chinese fiction that relates to martial artists in ancient China. The settings, the characters, the philosophies, and the music – which is incredible – all have roots in Chinese history and fiction. When the game begins, players take the role of an orphan under the care of a martial arts master, who runs a school where they are trained in the martial and spiritual arts. Over the course of the game, however, players will go from student to master, while exploring a vibrant, mystical world filled with many secrets. It goes without saying, but for those who love old kung fu movies, this is an absolute must-play.

Jade Empire, when it was first released, garnered very positive reviews from critics and fans alike, and there was even talk of a sequel for a brief time. Many old schoolers have been anticipating another go since the rumors of its rerelease became public. Anyone who loves BioWare games, or those who simply love action role-playing games, should start their own wuxia tale today.

Jade Empire: Special Edition is out now on the App Store and is currently running at $9.99.

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