Former Sony CEO Jack Tretton Will Analyze All E3 2014 Press Conferences

By | 2 years ago 

Not one year after stepping down as President and CEO of Sony Entertainment America, Jack Tretton is returning to E3 yet again. However, while the longstanding staple of Sony’s E3 press conferences will be at the event, he won’t be talking about PlayStation Plus deals or PS4 price points. Rather, he will be critiquing his former competitors’, as well as his former employer’s, presentations.

Thursday morning, Spike TV announced a partnership with Tretton to serve as a “special correspondent” during the cable channel’s E3 coverage. More specifically, Tretton will be providing insight with regards to the four major press conferences that take place throughout “Day 0” of the event.

It’s unclear how much of a presence Tretton will be, but Spike suggests he will be on hand for all four of the major press conferences on Monday June 9 – those being the pressers for Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Sony. It’s a daylong event that begins at 10am on Monday morning with Microsoft and continues all the way until 6pm that night with Sony.

While Tretton is no stranger to Spike TV’s annual E3 coverage, this will be the first time the former CEO appears as an impartial pundit of sorts. We’re sure that Tretton, always a class act, will avoid saying anything disparaging about any company, especially Sony, but it will be interesting to hear his thoughts on the press conference experience regardless.

Last year, for those who might remember, Jack Tretton tore the house down at Sony’s E3 Press Conference with a slew of mic-dropping PS4 announcements including a cheaper price point and a more gamer friendly initiative for the next-gen console. As we mentioned, Tretton has been a staple of Sony’s E3 presence, but last year’s press conference might be his most memorable.

Now, however, Tretton will be appearing as a “normie,” not unlike many of the press and media representatives that flock to LA for E3 every year. Obviously, he has inside knowledge into Sony’s plans, but he also knows what it’s like to put on a huge press conference, and what it takes to make a huge splash. He would know as well as anybody who are the “winners” and who are the “losers” of Day 0. It’s an interesting choice to say the least, and we cant wait hear what Tretton has to say.

How do you feel about Tretton signing up to analyze the press conferences of Sony and Microsoft? Which E3 press conference are you most looking forward to?

Source: Kotaku