Issac Clarke Ready to Razzle Dazzle in 'NBA Jam: On Fire Edition'

It seems that Dead Space fans now have a reason to pick up the upcoming NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, as the downloadable PSN/XBLA game will offer the horror title’s protagonist Issac Clarke as a playable character.

Yes that’s right, it seems that when Issac isn’t trying to survive an onslaught of undead-humans-turned-aliens or suffering from severe mental trauma, he likes to unwind with some basketball, and not the Zero G Basketball mini game from the original Dead Space.

Issac Clarke now joins the ranks of the SSX characters that will star in NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, among others. This cross promotion isn’t something new for EA, as Clarke has also appeared in other EA titles, such as Dante’s Inferno (as an alternate skin for Dante that was only available in Europe) and there has also been Issac inspired armor in Dragon Age: 2.

To see Issac Clarke’s skills put to the test in NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, check out the screenshots below:

It’s worth noting that the title of Facebook album where the screenshots were discovered is: “Dead Space Guest Appearances: Check Out Issac As He Makes His Way Into Various EA Franchises.” Could this mean that Issac will make an appearance in even more EA titles? It seems highly likely, considering Clarke’s other cameo appearances.

This is also a smart marketing move on EA’s part – personally, as someone who is not a fan of sports games but a huge Dead Space fan, I’m now considering purchasing NBA Jam: On Fire Edition just to relish in the novelty of playing basketball as Issac Clarke, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

What other EA franchises would you like to see Issac Clarke in?

NBA JAM: On Fire Edition releases Tuesday, October 4th, for the PS3 and Wednesday October 5th for the Xbox 360.

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