Check Out This Awesome Iron Man-Themed Xbox One

Iron Man Xbox One

To celebrate the release of Captain America: Civil War, Xbox reveals an extremely rare Iron Man-themed Xbox One that was (apparently) created by Tony Stark himself.

Throughout gaming history, a number of high-profile celebrities have announced their love of the video game medium. From Henry Cavill through to Ronda Rhousey (who has a Pokemon obsession), people from all walks of life seem to enjoy a good gaming session. However, it appears as though superheroes also have a love for video games, as it turns out that Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, has designed a limited edition version of the Xbox One.

That's certainly what Microsoft would have you believe, anyway. The Xbox gurus have announced a brand new custom model of the home console, alleging that the Stark Industries chief took time out of his busy schedule to design and create an extremely rare version of the Xbox One. The console itself comes emblazoned with the Stark Industries logo, and even includes an Arc Reactor centerpiece on both the console itself and on the matching controller.

Should the idea of Iron Man creating an Xbox One seem too hard to swallow, however, there is a more rational alternative. To help celebrate the release of the highly anticipated movie Captain America: Civil War, Microsoft is giving away these consoles in a sweepstake. There's only one problem: so far, it appears that only Xbox France is running this competition. Those interested in finding out more, or having a closer look at the console in question, should check out the video below.


For those undeterred by the console's Francophile nature, the competition to win this rare Xbox One can be found on popular social networking sites. The console is available for each of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, making this console very hard to find - at least until a similar model is revealed for North America.

Although this Stark Industries model is extremely impressive, it is far from the only custom design to have graced the Microsoft console. The tech giant brought 20 custom Xbox Ones to San Diego Comic-Con, including those based around Game of Thrones and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Meanwhile, the likes of Call of Duty and Sunset Overdrive have also received impressive bundles.

Ironically enough, however, this high-tech looking device from Iron Man may be obsolete very soon. Should the rumors be believed, Microsoft is actually working on creating an updated version of the Xbox One. With Xbox head Phil Spencer cryptically announcing that Microsoft will be looking at gaming beyond Xbox One soon, there may be a real shake-up for Xbox gamers in the coming months.

Source: Xbox FR (YouTube) (via EuroGamer)

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