Is Activision’s New Marvel Game an ‘Iron Man 3′ Movie Tie-in?

Iron Man 3 Video Game

As the Comic-Con International schedule of programming became officially unveiled over the last few days, we saw a ton of major upcoming games getting their own panels at this year's pop culture event (including Fortnite!). Among them was a pair involving High Moon Studios where in addition to detailing their upcoming and highly anticipated Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, they'll be showing up at the Marvel Video Games panel to make a special announcement.

While we don't know what it is yet, there's a pretty good chance it's related to Iron Man 3.

A third Iron Man film was a given and it was the first post-Avengers film to be confirmed, long before The Avengers even hit theaters. In fact, it was back in the fall of 2010, a few months after Iron Man 2 hit theaters, where it was confirmed as part of Disney's acquisition of the distribution rights to Iron Man 3 from Paramount Pictures.

Knowing the release date two-and-a-half years in advance gives any potential video game development a lot more time than the standard (read: rushed) movie tie-in, and yes, we know an obligatory movie tie-in for Marvel's hottest character was coming. We rant about it all the time here on Game Rant how all of the Marvel Studios solo movie tie-in games were disappointments, some far more than others; All of them were built around a release date instead of a great concept, and that led Marvel to cut ties with Sega earlier this year. Sega of course, was responsible for The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 1& 2, Thor: God of Thunder and Captain America: Super Soldier.

THQ on the other hand, was working on an Avengers game but it was canceled early in development as well. So, outside of a Kinect fighting game from Ubisoft and a few free-to-play online games (including Marvel Heroes), there have been no "core" Marvel video games in development. At least, none that have been officially announced.

Iron Man 3 Production Image Tony Stark Hall of Armor

The LA Times confirmed last month that Disney has an Iron Man 3 console game in the works, but didn't say who was developing it. Then this week as the Comic-Con scheduled rolled out, we saw that Activision and High Moon Studios would be at the Marvel Video Games panel to unveil an unannounced game "that is sure to be a hit!"

Knowing that Marvel Studios is hosting a film panel for Iron Man 3, and that it's currently the only film shooting at the moment (Thor 2 begins later this year), it's a given that this would be the venue to at least announce the Iron Man 3 game. Iron Man 3 will also be the focus of Marvel's huge booth on the expo floor.

The last three games from High Moon Studios have all been for the Transformers franchise and the closest Marvel property to that third-person robot action would be Iron Man - a man in a suit, flying, shooting lasers and battling other armored mech-esque foes. If this is the case and Activision - who previously had Silicon Knights crap the bed with the Marvel property X-Men: Destiny - has High Moon working on an Iron Man 3 tie-in, the question becomes: How long have they had to work on it?

Transformers FOC - Grimlock sword attack

Remember the last time High Moon Studios worked on a movie tie-in for Transformers: Dark of the Moon? It was bad and it put a big negative mark on their record in between a good Transformers game and one coming up that looks awesome.

We'll find out if this is true next weekend.

If you're at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 on Saturday, July 14th::

  1. 10:00-11:00 Activision Panel Featuring Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Video Game Talent– Legendary Transformers voice talent and game experts at developer High Moon Studios come together in one epic panel to discuss their roles in the upcoming Activision video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Panelists include Peter Cullen(voice of Optimus Prime), Gregg Berger (voice of Grimlock), Nolan North (voice of Cliffjumper), and Matt Tieger (High Moon Studios game director). They'll give everyone an inside look into bringing your favorite characters to life in the making of the video game, as well as answer the questions you've been dying to ask. Room 7AB
  2. 1:45-2:45 Marvel Video Games– Learn all about Gazillion's Marvel Heroes MMO, Ubisoft's Avengers: Battle for Earth and more future Marvel games-including an announcement from Activision and High Moon Studios that is sure to be a hit! Q&A will follow. Room 6A

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