Iron Man 2 Game Trailer Reveals War Machine!

Sega has released a new trailer for the upcoming Iron Man 2 game based on this Summer’s sure-to-be-smash-hit movie. This trailer is a bit more interesting than the initial game footage (below), as it depicts the War Machine character model in his shoulder-canon firing glory!

Movie based video games do not have a great track record over all, and Sega’s first Iron Man game was definitely not without its flaws. In that game, playing as Iron Man was entertaining enough, as you could fly the character around, use various weapons, and even upgrade armors throughout the game. However, the game suffered from incredibly poor perspective problems — characters who were within an arms length of Iron Man appeared out of scale and miles away. An obvious example was the final battle with Iron Monger where that character’s on-screen size never correctly matches his distance from your character. Essentially, the Iron Man model (taken directly from the CG renders of Iron Man in the first movie) never appears to be occupying the same space as the game’s other characters. That was just one of the problems.

Here's the new trailer:

The Iron Man 2 footage shown by Sega includes better textures than the first game had, and I’m hoping that both the play control and overall experience of being Iron Man remain as fun as they were in the original.  If this game is going to leave the shadow of other movie based games, Sega is going to have to fix those awkward size problems the first had, and also create more of an interactive world as opposed to the flat, unrealized structures from the first game's levels.

Have you guys given up on movie titles, or are you willing to give Iron Man a second flight?

Source: IGN

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