Iron Man 2 Early Preview

Game Revolution posted a preview to the upcoming Iron Man 2 video game tie-in with the movie and we have the highlights from it for you today.

Now, I know what you're thinking... the first Iron Man game was bad, along with The Incredible Hulk. They looked bad, were almost unplayable at times, were rushed, cheap and sold simply based on brand name and association with the successful films.

The sequel however, looks to fix those mistakes and Marvel is on a mission to make quality games from now on.

The game is written by the talented Matt Fraction, writer for the Invincible Iron Man comic series and similar to what we saw from the X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game (which I really liked btw), it's more of an in-depth companion piece than a simple re-hash and playthrough of the film.

Some of the basics we can expect are proper indoor environments, improved graphics, better controls (notably flight) and vastly superior action sequences.

So far, they're being pretty secretive about who the villains will be other than the Crimon Dynamo but we're told to expect plenty of comic tie-ins for the fans.

Expect Iron Man 2 to hit shelves near the end of April, just prior to the film's release

Are you excited for this game and can we start seeing a trend with quality comic book movie-based games?

Source: Game Revolution

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