Fixing a Broken iPhone X Screen is Insanely Expensive

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While there is plenty of enthusiasm surrounding the iPhone X after pre-orders went on sale early Friday morning, those same patrons won’t be so happy if their new phone’s screen were ever to break. According to an update to the Apple support page for the iPhone X, repairs of the hot new smartphone can cost $279 without an extended warranty.

Given that the iPhone X retails for $999, it’s no surprise that the phone would carry expensive repair pricing. However, for those mobile phone users that are prone to cracking their screens, this may serve as a new barrier to entry.

If that wasn’t alarming enough, the price to replace the back glass of an iPhone X is a steep $549 when out of warranty. Apple opted to switch to glass for the backs of its iPhone 8 and iPhone X models to offer wireless charging, but it also means the back of the phones are even more susceptible to cracking.

There are ways to save money on repairs, of course, namely by purchasing an AppleCare+ plan for the iPhone X. Under this plan, iPhone X owners can repair screen damage for only $29 and other damage for $99. They also have to pay $199 for 2 year’s worth of coverage, but it could save them money in the long run depending on if they damage the iPhone X or not.

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After 10 years of iPhone releases, Apple wanted to change things up with the iPhone X. The mobile phone sports a full width high resolution display and a front-facing camera that can recognize and scan the user’s face. At first, the camera might seem like a gimmick, but Apple is using it to replace the Touch ID offered by past iPhone models. Now, a user simply needs to look at their phone, and it should unlock.

But all of those bells and whistles come at a steep price, both to purchase the phone and to repair it should anything break. Surprisingly, though, Apple fans didn’t bat an eye at the high price point, and pre-orders for the phone have already slipped to December and beyond. Let’s just hope that no one drops it on day one.

The iPhone X releases November 3, 2017.

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