After years of massive success, Apple releases a report revealing that the iPhone’s sales have dropped dramatically during the second quarter of the fiscal year.

Although Apple has had tough times in the distant past, its recent history has been a stellar success. The iPhone has propelled Apple to massive profits, but nothing lasts forever, and a report from Apple may indicate that the iPhone is finally starting to slip in popularity.

Apple has announced that they only shipped 51.2 million iPhones during the second quarter of this fiscal year, versus the 61.1 million during the same quarter last year. While that may still sound like a massive number of iPhones, it’s a 16% drop in sales, and it particularly comes as a shock after Apple broke sale records with the iPhone 6S back when it was first released.

While nearly every region that Apple does business in had lower iPhone sales, Japan’s sales actually rose. Chances are it only counts for a portion of Apple’s success, but Nintendo’s move to develop games for mobile devices like the iPhone may have had a small part in giving Apple a boost. While the upcoming Pokemon GO will be available across multiple varieties of mobile phones, Japanese fans who wanted a shot at beta testing Pokemon GO may have decided to upgrade their iPhones in preparation for the event.

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There are a lot of possible factors that could be responsible for the iPhone sale slump, but analysts believe that it has a lot to do with market saturation. Shy of diehard Apple fans and people who need replacements because their current phone has broken down, most people aren’t rushing out to purchase the latest and greatest iteration of the iPhone like they once did. In addition, many carriers have stopped offering to foot the bill for the majority of a new phone’s cost on the promise of a customer extending their contract with the carrier. It’s also possible that some loyal Apple fans are waiting to upgrade until they can enjoy the significant changes the iPhone 7 will bring.

It’s unlikely that diminishing sales will affect gamers who want to use their iPhones to play mobile games in the immediate future. While game developers do focus on making sure their games work properly on the latest iterations of mobile phone operating systems, people who are just holding off on upgrading for one or two years should still be able to play current outrageously popular mobile games and new releases, at least for the near future.

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Source: CNET

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