After months of speculating when Apple might announce the iPhone 5 we now have a firm confirmation that the event is happening this year, and it’s taking place soon. Just sent out today were a set of invites to an iPhone event to be held on October 4th. It is presumed that here is where Apple will not only show off their new iPhone but perhaps also a new iPad.

Most have speculated, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it happens, that Apple will make the iPhone announcement on the 4th and then reveal a release date that follows soon after. According to a source, Apple has begun telling its employees not to take any vacations around the first two weeks in October — usually a sign that a big product launch is imminent.

On top of that most of the iPhone 5 rumors that have been popping up recently have been pointing to October as a key month for Apple. They may not have got the release date or the announcement date right, but October is clearly where things are all going down.

There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding this new iPhone though. Some are claiming that with the iPad 2’s new A5 chip the mobile device will provide features that not even the iPhone 4 will be able to — things like complete voice control. More importantly the A5 chip would be able to support the high caliber gaming experiences that the iPad offers, allowing mobile developers to go beyond games like Infinity Blade.

Others are saying that we may be in for a drastic redesign of the device, perhaps in response to the negative feedback over the 4’s “defects. While we can’t say which claims are true and which are pure speculation, we finally know that all will be revealed in just under a week.

What type of reveals would you like to see come out of this iPhone announcement? Would you be satisfied with a faster version of the iPhone 4 or do you think a new design is in order?

Source: Channel Register, Loop Insight

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