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If you have ever read the book "Daemon" by Daniel Suarez (and if you have not, you should), then you are familiar with the idea of turning your life into an RPG. EpicWin is the first step into the Darknet.

EpicWin is a Mobile app that takes a standard to-do list and turns it, and your life, into an RPG or MMO. The concept is so simple that it is surprising that no one has thought of this before, but the delivery is nothing short of fun.

Everything in your life can be a quest:

  • Did you clean the litter box? 100 XP
  • Wash the dishes? 50XP
  • Goto the gym? 300XP
  • Write an article for Game Rant 250XP


EpicWin puts you in the role of adventurer, and you life is the quest. With a beautiful to-do interface that easily allows you to jot down your everyday tasks, and chores and turn them into a RPG.

iPhone App

With full Twitter and Facebook integration (should you choose), you can share your levels and loot with your social network of choice. Just this morning, I Tweeted: “I’ve been doing my chores and just scored a Miniscule Money Pouch - Epic Win!”


The graphic style is fun and silly, the sounds and animations are well done, and really quite funny. Clearly, every aspect from loot, to the map, to the characters are so well fleshed out and complete with a solid polished feel to it, that a lot of time effort and thought went into this fun to-do list/game.

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I have had so much fun with this game, in fact I was able to abolish all my other to-do lists in favor of this RPG game to-do list. I is certainly it is a fun little app that everyone who plays games and/or uses a to-do list should have. Whether you're a Xbox or PC or whatever player, this little app is great way to turn mundane chores into a game, and levels, and loot.

Have you tried it yet?  What do you think of the app? I highly recommend it, at the very least, it is an inexpensive to-do list, but at most it brings RPG adventure to your daily tasks.

EpicWin is available now on the iTunes store.  Check it out today!

Our Rating:

4 star out of 5 (Excellent)
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