Leaked iPhone 6 Photo Shows Slimmer Design & Larger Screen [Updated]

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It appears we have set a new record. While we are only a little over a month into 2014, we already have our first new iPhone rumor of the year, and boy is it a doozy. Not only is this our first hint as to what Apple is cooking up for its loyal consumer base, it could be our first look at the next iPhone.

If the above image is legitimate, and is in fact our first look at the iPhone 6, then it appears Apple has a few radical changes in store for 2014. More specifically, they are trading their current iPhone design for something a little sleeker, and with a larger screen.

While not too much is known about this purported iPhone 6, it’s hard not to notice the new design. For starters, this iteration is much thinner than past iPhones, and is closer in design to Samsung’s Galaxy line than anything else. Not to mention, the device trades the colored back plate of past iPhones, namely every model from 3G through the iPhone 5s, for the polished silver of the original iPhone.

The screen on this iPhone is also noticeably larger — somewhere in the vicinity of 4.8 inches. We had been hearing for some time that Apple was looking to increase the screen size on their smart phone, and while the iPhone 5 did add some additional screen real estate this phone takes things a step further.

The alleged iPhone also sports the Touch ID sensor on the ‘Home’ button: a new feature introduced with the iPhone 5s. It’s unclear whether or not this iteration of Touch ID will have anything extra to add, but at the very least it’s interesting to note that Apple is still moving forward with the feature.

Aside from that, though, there isn’t much more to be learned simply from looking at the device. Not to mention, there is no way of knowing whether this is, in fact, the iPhone 6, and not some failed prototype or well-made fake. That being said, the leaked photos come courtesy of noted tipster Sonny Dickson, who also gave us our first look at the Galaxy Note 3 and the iPhone 5C before either were announced by Apple.

Ultimately, this new iPhone design looks to be the same evolution that consumers have come to expect from numbered (i.e. non ‘S’ version) releases. It’s a familiar design, but with a few key flourishes to make it look “new.” Whether or not it’s the real iPhone 6, however, is another question — one that we likely won’t find out the answer to until October or November.

What do you think of this alleged iPhone 6 design? What are your hopes for Apple’s next phone as far as a new feature set?

[Update: It appears the images are fakes, renders by Martin Hajek.]


Source: Sonny Dickson, Mornray – Twitter

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