We’re only two days into the New Year and already the first signs of a new iPhone are beginning to flood onto the Internet. It’s still far too early for anything substantial, but a new report has surfaced that suggests a new iPhone model is out there and it’s running iOS 7.

According to an app developer, they are starting to see devices with a specific identifier unseen before, one that is labeled ‘iPhone 6,1.’ The current generation of iPhone, the iPhone 5, for example uses either the ‘iPhone5,1’ or ‘iPhone5,2’ identifier depending on service.

Furthermore this developer, who shared their findings with The New Web, has reported this device is running iOS version 7 not the current iOS 6, which released late last year. Unfortunately, that’s all they know — that a new identifier with a new iOS is out there somewhere and being tested. This will, however, be the start of speculation as to the nature of this next iPhone, regardless of how soon it may be.

Last year’s model, the iPhone 5, featured a revolutionary new design (sort of) that boasted a larger and crisper display, a new color scheme, and better cameras on both sides of the device. It wasn’t exactly a game-changer, but it did represent a substantial step forward for Apple.

What can we expect from the iPhone 6 — if that is indeed what it will be called — is still a total mystery, but at the very least patterns tell us it should be a faster version of the 5. Apple has adopted this pattern of skipping a generation and simply introducing an ‘S’ version of their latest model, so it makes more sense to assume that the next iPhone will be a 5S than a fully-fledged ‘6.’ After all, Apple still has to perfect their current model before moving on to bigger and better things.

As far as iOS 7 goes, the first thing that needs to be fixed/replaced is the Maps app — if it hasn’t been addressed by then. Yes, Google has released their own app that brings back the magic of navigation, but a native app that functions properly is a must.

Then there should be the little tweaks of course — the ones that are harder to predict but make so much sense when Apple announces them. Who would have thought that Siri would be a thing, until Apple announced it?

What are your expectations for the next iPhone? What about iOS 7? What are some must-have features?

Source: The Next Web

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