The standard 30-pin connector has been a longstanding staple of all Apple mobile devices since the third generation of iPods was released around 2009. Accessory companies have built their product lines upon these standardized ports, producing a plethora of iPod docks, alarm systems and chargers. Now, it seems like Apple is looking to make more room inside the iPhone, and is ready to change the port size by cutting it almost in half. This means even your regular charging cable won’t be compatible with the iPhone 5 or any later generations.

According to TechCrunch, three independent manufacturers have confirmed the new 19-pin connector as the new official iPhone 5 port. If true, this means that any existing accessories you have,iPod docks, battery charging cases, cables, etc., will not be able to connect to the latest iPhone, making millions of third-party Apple peripherals instantly outdated.

It’s a move that may upset Apple veterans who’ve invested in accessories over the last few years, not to mention third-party peripheral manufacturers, but the reasoning behind it is sound: making a smaller connector means more room inside the device. With more room to work with, engineers have space to implement more features to try and stay technologically relevant against rivals like Samsung and Microsoft. While no new iPhone 5-centric features have been confirmed, you can bet the it will feature significant improvements if Apple have truly considered changing the standard 30-pin connection.

Even without being reportedly verified by a few manufacturers, the folks over at eTradeSupply seem to have leaked a video detailing the beta iPhone 5, which shows some sizeable differences beyond the connector port:


The video also seems to confirm the larger iPhone screen rumor, which leaked when Apple reportedly contacted suppliers with a request for 4.6″ screens. For reference, iPhones currently have a 3.6″ screen, which would mean the iPhone 5 gets roughly a 25% boost to screen size if true.

There are plenty of iPhone-related rumors that flow in months before official Apple announcements, so take this news with a grain of salt.  There was a time when everyone thought the iPhone 3GS would have a forward-facing camera, and that clearly didn’t happen – and this change would affect many more people in terms of their existing equipment and accessories. We’ll keep you posted as news leaks out about the potential change-up, but don’t expect official word from Apple until they’re ready to unveil the phone as a whole.

What do you think about the possibility of Apple changing the size of their connector? Do you have any accessories that would be made obsolete?

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Source: TechCrunch

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