Securities Firm Claims iPhone 5 Will Release Late 2011 or Early 2012

Iphone 5 Releasing Late 2011 or Early 2012

While many signs were pointing towards the announcement of the iPhone 5 at this year’s WWDC it looks like that might not come to pass. If a report from Avian Securities is to be believed, hopeful iPhone owners might have to wait until early next year to get their eager hands on Apple’s next smart phone iteration.

According to a report from a key supplier for Apple’s iPhone components, Avian revealed that production should begin in September on both the iPhone 5 and a lower spec/lower price model. If production does begin so late in the year that would surely mean that, at the earliest, the iPhone 5 would hit the market in late 2011.

If Avian’s report does turn out to be true this is sure to disappoint many smart phone fans that depend on the consistency of Apple announcements. Of course, since this is only one report of a September production date and a late 2011/early 2012 release, there is still the possibility gamers will see the release of the iPhone 5 much earlier. It's an exciting prospect -- getting a new iPhone every year -- but is this next iteration as anticipated as previous versions.

After the release of the iPhone 4, Apple hit most of the benchmarks desired out of a smart phone — higher picture quality, front-facing camera, and a better screen. Really, aside from the instances of cell reception failing, the iPhone 4 seemed like a good place for Apple to take a step back and regroup for the next big thing.

Of course this same sentiment was expressed after the release of the 3GS — essentially a speedier iPhone 3G — and look at all of the differences between that iteration and the iPhone 4. It’s all purely speculation, but if Apple wanted to perhaps interest a new demographic they would release the lower priced model this year and then really knock everyone’s socks off with the iPhone 5 in 2012.

It won’t be until after WWDC that we will have a clearer picture of Apple's big plan for the iPhone 5, but fans should expect as the date (early June) draws nearer that little bits of information will begin to leak here and there. For now, we’ll stick to Avian’s claims and assume the iPhone 5 won’t hit until late 2011 or early 2012.

When do you think Apple will begin selling the iPhone 5? What features would you like to see Apple put into their next smart phone?


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Source: Business Insider

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