As we all know a new iPhone launch is looming in the horizon. It’s become a yearly event like E3, Christmas, or Free Slurpee Day. But what’s different about this year’s iPhone unveiling, as compared to previous years, are the rumors surrounding the iPhone 5’s drastic redesign.

Among the rumors being circulated with some frequency are the ones that suggest the iPhone 5 will sport a new dock connector, a 19-pin rather than the traditional 30-pin connector. Some also believe the iPhone 5 will feature a larger screen and a thinner design, as indicated by manufacturer specifications and looks at what are assumed to be prototypes.

But knowing what the iPhone might look like, and finally seeing it during one of Apple’s overblown press conferences, don’t compare to actually getting it into your hands. And that’s what we have a line on now: when the highly anticipated mobile phone might release.

According to several purveyors of mobile phones, it stands to reason that the iPhone 5 would launch in September. That would mean some time in the next month or so Apple will have a large unveiling of the phone, putting most of these rumors to rest regarding new features — bigger screen, and whatnot.

Coupled in with the announcement of the iPhone 5’s release date should be a release date for iOS 6 the newest update to Apple’s mobile platform. Among the new features included with iOS 6 is a better version of the Maps app and an all-encompassing password app called Passbook.

Around this time of year speculation runs rampant in regards to the next iPhone, the next iPad, and several unannounced devices from Apple. Typically we end up disappointed in the final product not hitting all of the marks we hoped, but usually, in time, we’re satisfied. Hopefully this September launch brings some new and intriguing stuff to the table.

When do you think the new iPhone might launch? What are your hopes for an iPhone 5?

Source: Guardian

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