Rumor Patrol: Apple Looking to Expand Screen for iPhone 5

Iphone 5 Larger Screen Rumor

Already having thrown many of the often-requested features into previous iterations of the iPhone, it appears that Apple is now looking to expand the screen size of the mobile phone in order to stay competitive.

Reportedly testing out a screen size that is over 4 inches, Apple’s next iPhone could be much larger than any of the versions consumers have seen before. As a point of reference, many of the popular phones of today like the Nexus S and the EVO also sport a 4-inch or larger screen.

With a larger screen comes the hope that, with that extra space, Apple will be more economical in their hardware choices. Since the mobile phone began replacing the DS and the PSP as the must have mobile gaming platform, gamers have been requesting that Apple drastically boost the amount of battery life.

After last year’s release of iPhone 4, many consumers got all they wanted out of the iPhone, from a front-facing camera to HD video capabilities. Having already satisfied the demands of a large number of their fan base, Apple is now free to simply improve the tech they have put in place with each subsequent release, starting with iPhone 5.

By first implementing a bigger screen, something that will give gamers more real estate on which to experience their Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, Apple moves closer to providing that tablet experience, but without the consumer feeling like they have to sacrifice pocket space.

From there, Apple could tinker with other elements, like the aforementioned battery or they could even begin installing a screen that rivals the NGP’s gorgeous OLED screen.

Currently, if reports are to believed, Apple is testing up to three different iterations — including one that sports its own slide out keyboard — of the iPhone in order to see what is the best course of action. Hopefully, the company can implement some ideas that will make the smart phone more user friendly and more gamer friendly.

Would you like to see a bigger screen on the iPhone 5? What other hardware improvements would you like to see Apple add?

Source: Digitimes

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