While most Apple fans were disappointed that the company did not unveil their next iPhone model during WWDC last month, new information suggests the iPhone 5 is in fact in development. On top of that, according to early reports, this next iPhone model may feature a drastically altered look when compared to the iPhone 4.

Despite rumors that the next iPhone would be simply an iPhone 4s, with a faster processer and better battery life, this new development suggests the next iPhone could be sporting a screen that stretches across a larger portion of the device. The report also claims that this next iPhone could place the earpiece and speaker on the back end of the cellphone in order to accommodate this larger screen.

If this rumor of a drastic iPhone redesign is accurate, then the unveiling of said product could be taking place sometime this fall (most likely August or September) with an expected release date before 2011 is up.

Most iPhone users who did not make the leap to the fourth generation have been holding out from upgrading in the hopes that Apple will unveil something other than an iPhone 4S. So, if Apple is taking their design in another direction (hopefully one that doesn’t lead to a whole slew of service problems), the company can expect another sales hit on their hands.

Of course, this isn’t the first we’ve heard of Apple redesigns for the iPhone 5, which calls into the question the validity of this report. While BGR, the site from which the report comes, claims it is from a reliable source, so do all of the previous rumors about the iPhone 5.

While the next iPhone could take on a ton of different forms, the one thing that is certain is, no matter what, there will be demand for it. Apple does have a planned event set for this September so keep an eye out for a potential iPhone announcement.

Which of the rumored iPhone 5 redesigns has you the most intrigued? Do you think Apple is more likely to unveil a fifth generation of a 4S?

Source: BGR

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