As this post goes live the Apple event is taking place in San Francisco where it’s expected the iPhone 5 will finally be unveiled (or is it the “the new iPhone“?). You can follow Game Rant’s live blog right here but if you want a head start on the hot news, Apple may have unintentionally spoiled many of the surprises.

Thanks to some savvy tech enthusiasts searching for unannounced products on the official Apple site, we know a few things that are about to be unveiled.

This morning we shared the rumored leak footage which seemingly indicated that the new iPhone would drop the numerical designation scheme used by all iPhone releases to date over the last five years and instead go with the simple “iPhone” much like the company did to mixed reaction back in March upon the unveiling of the “new iPad” (instead of going with iPad 3).

By searching “iphone-5” on Apple’s website, it seems the highly anticipated smartphone may be titled the iPhone 5 after all:

iPhone 5 search results

Not really a surprise if true, but what may be are some of the other search results:

New iPod Touch Nano Search Results

These results come from earlier today and are about to become official. There are also similar results for “iTunes 11” so expect a comprehensive lineup of products, services and announcements momentarily.

Follow along with our live coverage of the Apple event right here.

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Source: Android Authority9TO5MAC