We are approaching a fever pitch with the anticipation over the next iteration of the iPhone, heretofore referred to as the iPhone 5, but many of the rumors surrounding the device will never come to be unless the people actually bare witness to the device. Luckily, a new rumor, the most important rumor, has come out that suggests an October 5th reveal has been set for the device with the inevitable release being a week later.

Of course, like with most of the rumors surrounding the iPhone 5, there isn’t much to go on — only that a “trusted source” has provided the information. Unfortunately, a dozen other sites, with a dozen other “trusted sources,” have pointed towards other dates as the iPhone 5 announcement and retail release.

What the news outlets do agree on, though, is that the iPhone 5 is getting a larger screen and a wider home button. Some are even saying that the design of the next iPhone will actually be much thinner and larger than past iterations, but others are saying the iPhone 4 look is being preserved. Aside from that it’s anyone’s best guess as to when Apple will finally unveil the thing.

Another set of rumors have suggested that September 30th would see both the full reveal of the iPhone 5 (with a final release date of October 7th) and the release of iOS 5, but even that seems not to be resting on steady ground.

In reality, you just can’t predict these things, especially after Apple didn’t unveil the next iPhone during WWDC. There was some expectation that Apple might just unveil a 4S rather than a fully-fledged 5, but now the bulk of the rumors recently are pointing towards a full product upgrade. We, honestly, don’t know who to believe, but trust that when the next iPhone is announced, Game Rant will be there to bring you all the details.

When would you like to see the next iPhone announced and then hit retail shelves? Do you think mobile users are in for a drastic redesign or essentially an iPhone 4S?

Source: Pocket Gamer

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