iPhone 4S Breaks Records; Steve Jobs Worked on iPhone 5

Apple unveiled their latest mobile product two weeks ago: the iPhone 4S. Visually the same as the iPhone 4 but boasting a lot more power under the hood, the iPhone announcement didn't come with the most positive response from the online community and analysts alike, but that didn't mean anything come launch time late last week.

Apple's brand strength powered through and the iPhone 4S has broken the record for fastest selling iPhone ever and Apple is in an excellent position as they plan for next year's release of the iPhone 5 and the eventual release of the iPad 3.

Over the weekend alone, Apple sold over 4 million iPhone 4S units - a testament to people wanting to be early adopters of the latest tech (read the iPhone 4S specs here) and of 3G/3GS owners wanting to not look like they have the old designs. The iPhone 4S comes with a far superior camera, improved graphics and the highly touted dual-core A5 chip.

The sales for the model have also helped Apple break another important record, achieving its highest share price ever as well although part of that has to do with the 4S launching on more carriers and in more regions. Analysts warn that the Apple stock may drop a little under $400 after this weeks' earnings report but overall, it's all positive.

That's all great but as we know all to well, it's always about what comes next. Some expected the October 4th Apple press event to unveil the iPhone 5 with 4G support but it didn't happen. That means it's coming next year and expectations are high for some major changes, inside and out.

And believe it or not, some of these changes Steve Jobs worked on before his sad passing on October 5th. According to Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, Jobs was intimately involved in the development of Apple's next phone which is and will continue to be a key marketing point for the device.

"[The next-gen iPhone] was the last project that Steve Jobs was intimately involved with from concept to final design. For that reason... this product will establish the high water mark for iPhone volumes."

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Another source of CNET close to the next Apple iPhone development reaffirms the speculation that the iPhone 5 will see a complete overhaul with a different visual design.

"[The iPhone 5 is a] complete redesign. This is a very large project that Steve dedicated all of his time to. He was not that involved in the 4S because his time was limited."

Wait until the Apple's Developer's Conference next year for that confirmation and for now, speculate away and share your iPhone gaming desires! Bring on the bigger screen!


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Sources: LA Times, Reuters, CNET

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