iPad 3 is Actually iPad HD; Will Feature 1080p Video

Ipad HD 1080p Video

If there's one thing that Apple is good at, it's identifying what the fans want. They might not deliver it in a timely manner, like picture messaging for the iPhone, but when they do it eventually get around to including a feature they typically get it right.

Case in point with the next iteration of the iPad, which we have now learned may be called the iPad HD, and will feature one of Apple's most exciting pieces of mobile tech: the retina display. However, this retina display isn't just a visual upgrade, it could very well be a visual revolution.

After Apple, to many fans' chagrin, revealed that the iPad 2 would not be sporting the same retina display as the iPhone 4, most figured that it was an absolute must for the iPad 3, and according to Venture Beat it's in there. However, what they weren't anticipating is just how impactful the retina display might be on the tablet market.

With the retina display at the ready, this iPad HD would be capable of delivering 1080p video — a first for any tablet on the market. It wouldn't simply be an improvement over the iPad 2; it would actually blow its predecessor out of the water.

Just think about the types of visuals that the iPad 2 is capable of delivering at the moment, and then think about them in 1080p. By the mere inclusion of 1080p capabilities games like Infinity Blade and forthcoming services like OnLive become that much more tantalizing. Not to say that the iPad HD has the capabilities of becoming a handheld console to rival the PS Vita or the 3DS right out of the gate, but the potential is certainly there.

Aside from the retina display however, not much is known about the inner workings of the iPad HD as far as if it will be featuring any new tech, but all that should change on Wednesday, when it is believed that Apple will unveil the thing.

What do you think about the iPad HD sporting a 1080p display? Is that going to negatively impact the price, but positively impact the appeal to developers?

Source: Venture Beat


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