Rumor Patrol: New Case at CES Hints at Imminent iPad 2 Release

iPad 2 Case

The folks at Engadget ran into vendor Vexim demonstrating this nifty case at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). The photo gallery at Engadget reveals circular holes in the back and front of the case for what appear to be cameras. These could be the fabled cameras that may come with Apple's second iteration of the iPad. The last hole in the case suggests iPad 2 will receive a speaker size upgrade.

A sign that this case is for a future, overall slimmer iPad: when the photographer attempted to fit his own in the case, Vexim reps told him it wouldn't fit. The mockup inside the case had a curiously familiar button located where the iPad's home button is, further cementing the idea that this case was for some future iPad iteration.

While the speaker size increase may add more aural pleasure for gamers, the greatest potential for developers and gamers may lie in the camera inclusions.  Augmented reality games and apps that can see either the user or the world on the other side of the user may finally be exploitable. A slimmer iPad also means less fatigue and an avoidance of that painful carpal tunnel syndrome. If game developers don't make use of the new iPad's specs, the inevitable cost reduction to the older model alone will be reason enough to rejoice!

In the end, consumers were probably smart for waiting until this purported next iPad, with functionality that only seemed obvious and now overdue from Apple. How many iPads and iPhones will Apple be allowed to release in such a short time frame? Maybe only the extremely long queues at the AppleStores around the world know for sure.  Rumors like USB functionality would be great to dispel. The inclusion of a USB port would allow plug and play controllers, for those who want to ride themselves of pesky on-screen emulated control pads.

CES formally opens its doors on January 6; the iPad 2 should be another hot item making its debut there this week.

Source: Engadget, cnet

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