This Week in Mobile Gaming - February 17th, 2011

This Week in Mobile Gaming


Windows Phone 7

At the Mobile World Congress on Monday, Microsoft demonstrated some impressive integration between the Kinect and Windows Phone 7. They portrayed an aspect of multiplayer, where the mobile user is controlling the balls that are being thrown toward the gamer using the Kinect. They did state, however, that the preview was only a tech demo and there is no time frame for the pairing to roll out. Check out the clip of the demonstration below!



Today, iOS and Android gaming platform OpenFeint announced their new product, OpenFeint Connect.  CEO and founder Jason Citron explains the goal for OpenFeint Connect:

We believe games should connect people, regardless of what device or mobile OS they own. With the release of OpenFeint Connect, we give game developers the flexibility they need to take their games and game data to players everywhere.

The new service, which is a set of social gaming APIs for developers, will unify social gaming over multiple devices now ranging from iOS, Android, PC and the Mac app store. This means that you can fight for the top spot against your friends no matter what device you are on, even if it's over multiple devices.



NBA Jam - The classic basketball title has made it's way to iOS. Featuring just about everything you know and love from the original from the commentary, over-the-top gameplay, challenges and even big head mode - it's all there. You can play in either campaign or quick play and there are plenty of unlockables from legendary players to different basketballs and privileges. $4.99 in the app store, and totally worth it.

Disoriented iOS

Disoriented - This 360 degree puzzle platformer comes with 60 levels and three difficulties. Using the accelerometer, turn your device to transition to each platform, remembering that gravity is always down. Each level has a time challenge and three objects to collect to perfect the level. You can select your character, unlock more as you play and also create your own levels using over 30 textures. $0.99 in the app store.

Lordi the Game iOS

Lordi The Game - Featuring music from the band Lordi's upcoming album, this rhythm game has you banishing the undead by staying in rhythm. There are six stages, three difficulty levels and some pretty decent graphics. Get it for free in the app store.

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Out of the newest iPhone rumors, what are you hoping for to be true? Do you like the idea of pairing Kinect and Windows Phone 7? Excited about the cross-platform gaming OpenFeint is bringing to the gaming arena? Have any mobile game recommendations for us? Let us know in the comments!

Source: BGR

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