Klei’s ‘Incognita’ Becomes ‘Invisible, Inc.’, New Gameplay Trailer

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What’s in a name? The developers at Klei Entertainment are hoping that whatever the answer, the content matters more. Today, the indie studio announced that their next title, Incognita will be referred to as Invisible, Inc. from here on out. Despite the name change, the team maintains that the core systems, gameplay, and oh-so-stylish looks will be remain intact.

It’s hard to argue that the studio behind games like ShankMark of the NinjaDon’t Starve, and Eets don’t know what’s best when it comes to memorable names. Regardless of how easily fans may forget the prior title, a new gameplay trailer gives a look at the tactical espionage gameplay players can look forward to.

With their previous games garnering numerous accolades (not to mention remaining hot items during Steam’s notorious sales), it’s arguable that the ‘Klei Entertainment’ name is going to play a more significant role in the game’s success than its own. That being said, we’re never ones to dismiss a pun as promising as ‘Invisible, Inc.’ and according to a post on Klei’s official forums, the name was changed only after the studio tested it with consumers.

Invisible Inc Game Wallpaper

Now, potential owners can cut ties with the artful but abstract ‘Incognita,’ and apply for membership into “the super spy agency: Invisible, Inc..” The exact mission of the group is still a mystery, but the gameplay trailer shows off the tactical, turn-based planning and strategy that will be needed. Even if the trailer still uses the same cinematics we’ve seen so far.

So far, the spy thriller has only been confirmed for PC, as purchase of the game for $17 (or $20 with the soundtrack included) earns buyers a Steam Code granting access to the ongoing Alpha (and the Beta, and future builds that lie ahead). Klei is seeking more transparency and community involvement than usual with this title, and showing that indies – as well as triple-A titles – can put the growing Early Access pay model to use to help fund development.

Aside from these brief looks at gameplay-in-progress, details on the game, such as retail price once finished or a release window – is still being kept under wraps. We’ll keep you up to date as more information, footage, and images arrive.

Prospective buyers can purchase access to the Invisible, Inc. Alpha through Klei directly, bringing with it future builds and Beta access as well. For full information, head over to the game’s official site here.


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