Prepare For Motion Sickness With The Latest 'Inversion' Trailer

Inversion Gameplay Trailer

In a world full of Gears of War clones it may be easy to overlook  Inversion, Namco Bandai's upcoming third-person shooter, as more of the same old thing we've been playing since 2006. Today's newly released trailer, however, shows that the game's emphasis on gravity manipulation may give players a reason to keep their eyes on the title.

In Inversion, players are able to manipulate gravity in order to give themselves an advantage in battle. As is shown in the trailer, the player is able to jump towards walls and ceilings in order to get a better shot on his/her enemies. The whole system evokes memories of Capcom's Dark Void, in which players could make use of a vertical cover system to better survive enemy encounters. While this is sure to cause dizziness in some players, the whole idea looks like it could be a lot of fun if executed properly. Judging by our Inversion E3 Preview, that just may be the case.

The gameplay in the trailer looks very fluid, hopefully indicating that the game will play well when it launches next year. While many titles have tried to piggyback off of the success of third-person titles like Gears of War and Uncharted, most of them suffered from a plethora of gameplay issues and ended up as bargain bin titles. Will Inversion avoid that fate? Check out the trailer for yourself below:


The beginning of the trailer shows that the game's story may end up being more than the typical "shoot bad guys and proceed" affair that is unfortunately all too common place. The player seems to have lost something -- whether it is a friend, girlfriend or sister is hard to tell from the trailer. By all appearances, Inversion is trying tell a engaging story. Let's hope it succeeds. In any case, even if the story ends up being entirely two-dimensional, as long as the gameplay holds up, Inversion should still be worth checking out.

Inversion lands on the PS3 and Xbox 360 February 7th, 2012.


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