At first glance it would be easy to write off Saber Interactive’s Inversion as yet another Gears of War clone. Featuring many of the qualities of said franchise, Inversion fits right into that third-person shooter genre…that is, before you take the gravity-bending into account.

You see it’s Inversion’s manipulation of gravity — both to reorient your player in physical space and to create some really intriguing action set pieces — that helps make this title stand out from the pack. Needless to say this is a game that needs to be experienced to be understood.

In keeping with that idea, Saber Interactive has released a new trailer for Inversion that shines a little bit of light on the co-op element of the game. How exactly defying gravity with a friend factors into the gameplay isn’t fleshed out in the trailer, but some of those jaw-dropping set pieces are.

Saber Interactive, the developers behind 2007’s TimeShift, are no strangers to games with gimmicks. They know that it’s all about the “hook” when it comes to enticing gamers to a new IP, and Inversion is no different. But what should hopefully keep gamers playing Inversion beyond the “hook” are the many facets of the experience, one of which happens to be co-op.


It’s common knowledge that Inversion has been in development for quite some time, but the more we see of it, the more it continues to fascinate. While the façade still remains familiar, getting hands-on time with the game shows an interesting mechanic that could form the foundation of a standout third-person shooter.

Co-op, in any game for that matter, does help increase a title’s appeal, but will it be enough to sway those gamers who are diving headfirst into Gears? The game definitely should be given a look, if just for its unique gravity manipulation alone, but whether it will sell well is another question entirely.

Are you interested in checking out Inversion? Do you think that the addition of co-op will increase gamer interest in this title?

Inversion releases February 7, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: VG24/7