During the Sony E3 2017 press conference, Insomniac impressed fans by revealing a new Spider-Man gameplay trailer. However this footage wasn’t the only thing that the developer had to share about the game as it shared behind the scenes secrets from development too.

Speaking during the PlayStation Live stream (at around 2 hours, 50 minutes in), Insomniac explained that its Spider-Man game will be its “own world.” The game still seems to be faithful to Spider-Man’s New York City, and it also includes several famous characters from Spider-Man canon including Captain Watanabe and Mister Negative, but Insomniac’s game will still “surprise people.” The developer also says that as everyone knows “Spider-Man DNA,” the game will be accessible enough that it “feels like Spider-Man right away.”

Insomniac also revealed some interesting facts about the game’s story. The developer has already confirmed that Spider-Man will feature an original story not previously seen in the movies or comic books but it thinks its narrative will be “great.” The developer agreed that “the best stories are when Peter’s worlds and Spider-Man’s world collide,” such as Mister Negative being referred to as Mr. Li by Spider-Man as he recognizes the villain from the shelter. Also, Mister Negative will be a “very big part of the game.”

Understandably, some fans are still hesitant about Insomniac’s vision for the character. The developer stated that it would deliver on the “fantasy” of the open-world game and has previously vowed to show the ‘awesome’ side of Spider-Man. But as there seem to be more bad video game adaptations of comic books than good ones (even the Batman: Arkham series has had its low points), some will have concerns.

Insomniac seems to understand the pressure it’s under and the high expectations from fans. While the pressure was off when the game was first revealed, the Spider-Man developer also spoke about the importance of getting the game right.

Spider-Man isn’t set to release until next year and the developer has already solicited feedback from playtesters and fans, apparently, which could go a long way towards making sure the game is exactly what people want. Whether all of that care and consideration will pay off is up in the air at the moment but Insomniac does seem to be saying the right things to help put those doubts to rest.

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Spider-Man will be released in 2018 exclusively for PS4.