Insomniac Games has confirmed that the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man will run on the same engine as Ratchet & Clank.

When asked on Twitter about whether the game engine being used for Spider-Man was the same as Ratchet & Clank, developer Insomniac Games responded by saying the company only has one.

This should come as good news for anyone who enjoyed the graphical prowess of the recently reimagined Ratchet & Clank, which is sure to be quite a few given the positive reviews that often include a nod to the game’s gorgeous visuals.

Spider-Man was announced at E3 2016 and the trailer that accompanied the announcement gave a glimpse of the possibilities available to gamers who have longed to don the red and blue spandex, and the possibilities were many. New York looks vibrant and realistic, Spider-Man has an entire array of moves and abilities not seen in previous games, and the trailer was packed with exciting action. In short, Spider-Man is making web-slinging appealing again for gamers. The most impressive detail, however, is that the trailer was shot entirely on a regular PlayStation 4 with no special enhancements, which adds a touch of welcomed honesty and says a lot about Insomniac’s aforementioned game engine.

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The trailer also says a lot about the game’s story and pacing. Insomniac has confirmed that gamers will be dealing with a seasoned Spider-Man, so those dreading another origin story will be pleased. Additionally, this is a standalone story not connected with movies, giving the developer a lot more freedom.

Bill Rosemann, creative director at Marvel Games, had this to say about the upcoming game, “I think we’ve been inspired by all the different mediums that Marvel has, whether it’s film, animation, live-action, comic books, even t-shirts.” He continued by saying, “So we’re looking at everything and we’re blending it all together. But it’s standalone; all new story, all new world. We’re always stretching, we’re always challenging, we’re always moving the characters forward.”

Spider-Man is taking inspiration from many different sources, which could amount to an interesting take on the wall-crawler and possibly one audiences might not be so accustomed to. Gamers will just have to see what Insomniac has cooked up when Spider-Man is eventually released. But they can rest assured that regardless of what Spider-Man ends up doing, Insomniac’s game engine will make sure he looks good doing it.

Source: Gamespot

Spider-Man is currently in development at Insomniac Games and will be released exclusively for the PS4.