North American gamers who are subscribed to the Insomniac Games Community Newsletter are in for a treat, as the company is giving all those who subscribed a chance to participate in the Resistance 3 Beta.

All fans have to do for a sneak peek at Resistance 3 is fill out a simple form – giving their name and e-mail address.

The codes are only valid in North America and will be distributed randomly throughout the course of the beta, meaning those of you who didn’t pick up SOCOM 4 early still have a chance to participate. No word yet on whether or not a similar offer will be made available to players from other territories.

It’s also worth noting that the offer is also available to fans who are not already subscribed to the Insomniac Games Community Newsletter – though, make sure to weigh how badly you want to be in the beta – as signing up through this method will add you to the Community Newsletter list. Just be sure not to apply more than once – as doing so will void any chance of receiving a single beta code.

While Resistance 3 looks to have an amazing campaign I, personally, still have some concerns about the multiplayer (not to mention the recently announced PSN Pass). One of the best parts of Resistance multiplayer (aside from the creative weapon selection) was being able to participate in the huge sixty player battles. Though there are some convincing arguments in support of the new sixteen player cap, as well as other changes that look to enhance the experience, some players will inevitably be sour about the huge cuts made to the player counts.

Resistance 3 Beta

If you don’t mind receiving one e-mail a month from Insomniac, then you’ll probably want to sign up for the newsletter and check out the beta – to see if the game is a must-buy. If you like what you see, you can always get-in on some of the sweet Resistance 3 pre-order bonuses. That said, if the newsletter isn’t your thing you can always unsubscribe at any time – though you might want to do so after the beta ends – so as not jeopardize any chance of losing out on a code.

Are you going to sign up for the newsletter to get in on the beta? Will you still be playing the game despite the drastic changes to the multiplayer?

Source: Insomniac Games