Insomniac Explains why ‘Sunset Overdrive’ is an Xbox One Exclusive

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Sunset Overdrive Exclusive

Insomniac Games surprised gamers worldwide last year when they revealed a partnership with Microsoft to bring Sunset Overdrive exclusively to the Xbox One, making it the first title since the studio’s creation in 1996 that a game hasn’t appeared on the PlayStation platform. Bringing its love of crazy weapons, factions and plot to the table with a brand new IP was certainly a major coup for Microsoft, but many Sony fans weren’t too happy with the developer’s decision to bat for the other team. Recently, Insomniac Games took to Twitter to clear the air on why Sunset Overdrive is only for Xbox One, and what it may mean for future titles.

The releases of both the gameplay video and the retro-insane box art has brought a lot of attention to Sunset Overdrive this week, spurring many fans to tweet questions at Insomniac. Never one to remain quiet when people have legitimate questions, the developer sent out responses both through Twitter and forums, finally shining some solid details regarding their decision to release Sunset Overdrive as an Xbox One exclusive.

“Wasn’t about money, was about our controlling and owning the IP, and their belief and desire to execute our vision with us.”

This means Insomniac Games still has full control over what to do with Sunset Overdrive and any future iterations and downloadable content. Another Insomniac employee stated that retaining control of their own creations after pouring so much into them is one of the studio’s “biggest desires,” and is likely exactly what Microsoft pitched to them to get them to create an Xbox One exclusive.

Sunset Overdrive Gameplay

When some fans suggested that the studio had permanently jumped ship to Microsoft, Insomniac made it quite clear that they deal it has with Microsoft specifically pertains to Sunset Overdrive, leaving them completely free to work on different projects with other companies — like Sony, for instance.

“We are still 100% independent. Our deal with Microsoft covers @SunsetOverdrive, but we can work with others, like Sony on Nexus.”

What do you think, Ranters? Are you surprised to see Insomniac Games teaming up with Microsoft? Do you think they’ll return to PlayStation anytime soon?


Sunset Overdrive is currently scheduled for a late 2014 release, exclusively for Xbox One.

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