Insomniac Games Files 'Galaxy Beasts' and 'Space Beasts' Trademarks

Insomniac Games Trademark Filings

After having just delivered two high profile, Sony-exclusive titles, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One and Resistance 3, no one would fault Insomniac Games if they wanted to take a little break. But, as it turns out, the developer is hard at work on their recently revealed new multiplatform IP Overstrike, and may even be looking to develop one or two more titles in the future.

The terms ‘Space Beasts’ and ‘Galaxy Beasts’ were just filed for trademarks by Insomniac Games, leading us to believe that either some part of Overstrike, one of their previous titles, or a new game will incorporate the moniker. Obviously, most of Insomniac’s work thus far has incorporated extraterrestrial creatures, so it would make sense that this trademark would tie back into those, but we have no confirmation at this point.

But since, Resistance has typically been a numbered affair and Ratchet and Clank skews its subtitles more towards the tongue-in-cheek humor, it would be a fair assumption that those two categories are out.

Typically, though, trademark filings don’t ever become something substantial until long after the associated property has been in the cooker for quite some time. While we would love to see Insomniac roll out with another IP, it has to be assumed that the multiplatform Overstrike is their main focus.

Delivering a unique take on the shooter genre, almost like a combination of Ratchet and Clank, with its over-the-top weapons, and a little bit of Team Fortress 2, Overstrike has us pretty intrigued. The reveal trailer for the game was light on gameplay, but we have to imagine that the promised co-op action will be fairly compelling.

And, if Galaxy Beasts or Space Beasts or whatever this future game might be called is anything like Insomniac Games has been delivering to gamers for close to two decades we are pretty excited for that too.

Do you think these two trademarks are for Overstrike, one of Insomniac’s old franchises, or a completely new IP? Is the title too generic to be anything but a placeholder?

Source: Siliconera

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