Insomniac Games Not Working on Sony NGP Titles

Insomniac Not Working on NGP

Just because Nintendo has released their newest handheld gaming gadget to a record setting reception, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t more miniature gaming in store for the masses. Sony is still gearing up to return fire with their own portable powerhouse, currently titled NGP, or Next Gen Portable. Unfortunately, one of Sony’s go-to developers, Insomniac Games, doesn’t seem to interested in making games for the successor to the PSP.

Insomniac’s senior community manager, James Stevenson, made a few statements today regarding the direction that the makers of the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance franchises will continue to take. Telling fans that they are “totally focused on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 36o” isn’t really a big surprise considering they have new installments for both of the aforementioned series in the works. When asked about creating games for the NGP, Stevenson replied that they “support Sony” in that regard, but that “it’s probably not something we would develop in-house.”

This isn’t really anything to get too worked up about since Insomniac doesn’t generally make games for portables anyway. Of course, their properties have appeared on the PSP, and they will certainly appear on the NGP. For example, High Impact Games handled the job of bringing the Ratchet & Clank series to the PSP with both Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank. Also, Sony has already announced that a Nihilistic Software-developed Resistance game is in the works for the NGP. This is just Insomniac staying focused on what they do best.

There is one curious wrinkle to this news, however. With the recent launch of Insomniac Click, a branch of Insomniac Games that will focus on social and mobile gaming, it seems a little odd that no mention was made of whether or not the specialized team would be bringing anything to the NGP. The NGP is a mobile platform in its own right, and the inclusion of a touch-screen gives it a comparable interface experience to many smartphones. Not to mention that games will be able to be delivered digitally to the device as well. Perhaps it’s too soon to make any announcements, or maybe they are just keeping it under wraps, but it certainly seems like there’s an opportunity for them there.

What do you think Insomniac should do? Are you glad they aren’t spreading themselves too thin? Or should they make an attempt to bring one of their big titles to the NGP themselves?

We’ll have to wait and see if Insomniac joins Sony's list of developers when the NGP finally hits store shelves.


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Source: Kotaku

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