Insomniac Games announces Song of the Deep, a side-scroller set underwater, and it’s coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms sometime this summer.

With development work nearing the end on the upcoming Ratchet & Clank movie tie-in and development long since wrapping on the well-received Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, many fans have been wondering what’s next for Insomniac Games. After teasing fans earlier this week, the studio finally revealed its next title, a passion project called Song of the Deep, which combines puzzle solving with side-scrolling adventure elements.

Song of the Deep is a side-scrolling experience set underwater and based around Irish folklore, which is certainly a change of pace for the studio typically known for games that feature plenty of humor or a unique style as seen in Sunset Overdrive. The game itself is framed like an animated picture book as cutscenes are all hand-drawn and inspired by Japanese woodblock art and maybe even Hayao Miyazaki films like Princess Mononoke or Howl’s Moving Castle.

The game stars a young girl named Merryn, the daughter of a fisherman who goes missing at sea and prompts her to go looking for him. As Merryn, players will utilize a small makeshift submarine to overcome puzzles and explore maze-like passageways in order to find and rescue her father. In typical metroidvania fashion, Song of the Deep introduces new abilities, gadgets and gear such as the grappling claw or diving suit as the player progresses, allowing further exploration and puzzle solving.

“What makes her heroic is all within her. She’s kind and smart and resilient, and most of all, she’ll risk everything to find someone she loves. She’s on a journey of courage, a reminder that we sometimes lose sight of what is best about ourselves. We value our accomplishments and our appearance but don’t value what makes us heroic in our own right.”

Interestingly enough, Insomniac Games has teamed up with GameStop which is serving as publisher on the title. The publisher even agreed to let the developer retain full creative control over the IP, something which is very important to the studio. While the game is intended as a digital release, the partnership also allows GameStop to release a physical copy exclusively at its stores. The retail chain also intends to treat Song of the Deep’s release like a full AAA launch through such tactics as helping to publish a short novel through Sterling Publisher, as well as support a full line of multi-media merchandise connected to the franchise.

Since launching the underwhelming shooter Fuse back in 2013, Insomniac Games has been firing on all cylinders ever since, releasing Sunset Overdrive on the Xbox One and subsequent downloadable story packs for players to dive into. So far, 2016 looks to be another great year for the studio as the company is getting ready to release a remake of the original Ratchet & Clank to coincide with the franchise’s first theatrical release. With only a small 15 person team working on Song of the Deep, it is also entirely possible that Insomniac is working on another major release.

What do you think of Insomniac’s latest project? Are you looking forward to seeing a change in tone from their normally humor filled games?

Song of the Deep is scheduled for release sometime in Summer 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Insomniac YouTube