Insomniac Games' New Title 'Edge of Nowhere' is an Oculus Rift Exclusive

Edge of Nowhere Game


There's no question that Insomniac Games has been one of the busiest developers in recent years. Outside development of the highly stylized Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive, the studio has been hard at work on its reboot of the Ratchet & Clank series for PlayStation 4. In fact, exclusives seem to be the company's strong suit, which is why it makes sense that it has decided to go that route once again with its latest title Edge of Nowhere.

During a pre-E3 showcase for Oculus Rift, the company displayed a medley of new games for its VR headset. Insomniac Games President and CEO Ted Price even showed up, hopping up on stage to announce the studio's newest game, Edge of Nowhere, and confirm that it will be exclusive to the Oculus Rift.

The new game looks to be a third-person platforming title, with the camera presumably controlled entirely by the head movements of the individual wearing the Rift VR headset. As is evident by the brief trailer, there appears to be some horror elements to be found within the game, as the narrator alludes to slipping into madness. The feminine voice also addresses someone who is presumably the main hero, Victor, so that's another tidbit that gamers have to go on for the time being.

Edge of Nowhere Game

Other than the brief teaser, Insomniac Games didn't provide many more details on the newly announced game. As many players can attest following recent releases, Insomniac certainly knows how to make some interesting and inventive titles, and its experience thus far will undoubtedly help the company in delivering an original experience in Edge of Nowhere.

Despite this, Insomniac's Ted Price didn't provide fans with any release information. Instead, he promised that the game will make good use of the technology, stating that players will be "surrounded on all sides by the unexpected, and nothing is as it seems." While those are chilling words to be sure, it also sounds like the ideal environment for a game that relies so heavily on immersing players in the game via VR tech.

It could still be a while before the third-person survival title hits the marketplace, but stay tuned to Game Rant for any and all details about Insomniac Games' Edge of Nowhere.

What do you think of Insomniac Games' latest title? Are you okay with Edge of Nowhere being Oculus Rift exclusive? Get at us in the comments.

Oculus Rift is scheduled to arrive at some point in Q1 2016.

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