Well, PAX Prime 2012 certainly kicked off with a bang this morning. At the Insomniac Games panel earlier today, company CEO Ted Price announced a brand new IP called Fuse. So far, all we’ve seen of the game is a single screenshot that depicts a human character and robot locked in combat. Despite the machine’s six orange eyes, it’s clear this isn’t one of the Chimera from Insomniac’s Resistance franchise.

Game Informer reports that Fuse is actually a reworking of Overstrike, which Insomniac announced at E3 2011. To be published by Electronic Arts, Overstrike was slated to be the studio’s first multiplatform game, but no new footage or screenshots have been released since last year. While the lone Fuse image issued so far may not be a lot to go by, it does give off a grittier tone than the Overstrike trailer (watch it below), which was more in line with Insomniac titles like Spyro and Ratchet & Clank.

Fuse First Screenshot

Insomniac has not offered any further details on the game, such as who the publisher might be (though EA still seems pretty likely) or what platforms it’s bound for. The game does, however, have a website, which currently displays a countdown clock that will hit zero eleven days from now. IGN took a look at the WHOIS for the site, Fusegame.com, which unfortunately offers few clues, though a reader pointed out that enlarging the countdown clock appears to reveal the words “OVERSTRIKE DATA NODE” in the upper right hand corner.

Fuse Countdown Clock

With this console generation coming to a close in the next year or so, we’re curious to see if Fuse will be released on current platforms, or on PS4 and Xbox 720. For that matter, if Fuse – like Overstrike – is still destined to be a multiplatform release, a Wii U version hardly seems out of the question, particularly given recent reports about the system’s tech.

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Source: IGN, Game Informer.