Check out ten minutes of gameplay footage from Inside to see what the mechanics, setting, and style of PlayDead’s upcoming follow-up to Limbo are all about.

E3 2016 was all about AAA properties and hardware this year, but there was a little bit of stage time reserved for a few indie titles (here are the indie highlights). Amongst the select few smaller games that made appearances was Limbo’s long-awaited follow up Inside. The game’s new trailer was mostly atmospheric and didn’t show off very much gameplay, but today fans can get a closer look.

After a few delays for Inside, PlayDead is ready to commit to a June 29 release date on Xbox One for the indie platformer with a Steam release to follow on July 7. Fans of Limbo have faith that the new title will have that same creepy magic that made Limbo so special, but up until now details about the game have been mostly kept behind closed doors. Thanks to a Polygon gameplay video, it’s now a little more clear what players are in for.

Here’s a look at ten minute’s of Inside gameplay…

It might not come as much of a surprise, but the game looks a heck of a lot like Limbo. The world is definitely different, but Limbo’s signature gameplay style and monochromatic art are definitely making a return this time around.

Much like Limbo, Inside seems to focus on avoiding deadly traps and obstacles by puzzle solving, rather than through brute combat. The protagonist is on display dodging everything from wild pigs to giant robots, while attempting to platform from one scene to the next. There are plenty of deaths in the ten minutes of gameplay footage, but the game doesn’t look like it will be unbearably difficult.

Unlike Limbo, there are a lot of other people around in this adventure. Unfortunately for them, it seems like they are all zombie-like drones and many of the challenges involve blending in with them and going unnoticed by the eye in the sky. The Inside gameplay doesn’t reveal many details about the plot at all, but it seems like it will be a very quiet, atmospheric story just like its predecessor.

What do you think about the gameplay footage? Will you be purchasing Inside when in the next few weeks? Let us know in the comments.

Inside releases on June 29 for the Xbox One and on July 7 on Steam.

Source: Polygon