Inner Voices: First-Person Horror Game Gets Release Date

Inner Voices Release Date

Inner Voices, a first-person horror adventure game from publisher Fat Dog Games, is scheduled to launch on May 10. The PC exclusive title features semi-randomized gameplay where each playthrough will feature a selection of rooms to explore, taken from a pool of 50 rooms altogether. Each room will feature puzzles of varying difficulty, and will come together to build a Lovecraftian horror story with three different possible endings.

John Blake is the focus of this horror story. The man awakens in a dark place, undeniably a hellish purgatory, with no memories. All Blake has to guide him forward are the voices. As John progresses through the purgatory's maze, he will discover secrets regarding his own past as well as the world around him. Odds are, given that Inner Voices is a horror game, the discoveries that Blake will make won't be particularly comforting.

It's unclear whether Inner Voices will support virtual reality or not at launch. The game's description lists it as Oculus DK2 capable, and VR first-person horror games are quite popular in 2017. But a DK2 is not the consumer Oculus Rift and cross-support isn't functional. And the absence of HTC Vive support despite launch on Steam is also odd. Perhaps Fat Dog Games will release an update on VR support soon.

Inner Voices appears to be a re-branding that's occurred sometime in the past four months. One of the most recent posts on Fat Dog Games' Facebook page is for a game named The Purgatory, a horror game featuring a man having a discussion with an inner voice. If you check in on the website for Inner Voices' developer, Sigma Games, The Purgatory is listed with a description that mirrors that of Inner Voices' under "Completed Projects."

Sigma Games unfortunately doesn't have any other games listed on its website.  However, Fat Dog Games has three other games listed, with Inner Voices being by far the largest in scope. Its other games include Nonogram Prophecy, a 2D puzzle game similar to Picross, Father and Son BBQ, a casual retro arcade game involving rhythmic tapping gameplay, and Mootantz Escape, a billiards-like puzzle game. Odds are Sigma Games and Fat Dog Games are more closely related than meets the eye. The world of PC game development on Steam is complicated.

Inner Voices will launch on May 10 exclusively on Steam.

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