NetherRealm releases the first gameplay trailer for Injustice 2, showing off several Super moves and a variety of new characters including Supergirl, Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd.

NetherRealm revealed the gameplay for Injustice 2 on Saturday via the developer’s Twitch channel and there’s a fresh new trailer that shows plenty of the game’s roster in action. The reveal was expected, with Ed Boon teasing the gameplay trailer earlier this week.

NetherRealm also released an announcement trailer for Injustice 2 three days ago, but that video is all pre-rendered CG. Today’s reveal shows a lot more, including a variety of new characters like Supergirl, Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd.

Injustice fans also got their first look at several new Super moves, like Aquaman feeding Gorilla Grodd to a giant shark at the end of the clip. Batman and Superman also see a lot of screen time, including the Caped Crusader shooting the Man of Steel with the Batplane. Level transitions are also present, as Supergirl found out the hard way when she was thrown through a monorail.

Gamespot reports that Boon talked on the stream about the roster selection process. “We’re always listening to social media on characters (fans) want to see,” Boon explained, “And also DC is involved, it’s a collaboration of players and DC.”

Boon added that Injustice 2 will have a bigger roster than the first game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, adding that players can expect “a lot of new faces” and “a lot of unexpected stuff.” Players will learn more during E3 next week.

The tagline for the game is “every battle defines you” and it appears Injustice 2 will feature a heavy emphasis on character customization, with players able to change the physical appearance and fighting style of their chosen superhero. NetherRealm’s previous game, Mortal Kombat X offered three variants of each character, with different special attacks and costumes, so it will be exciting to see how Injustice intends to innovate on that formula. Some characters in the gameplay trailer were shown wearing different kinds of armor but it’s not clear yet if these are simply skins or if wearing them directly affects the gameplay.

Injustice 2 is in development at the right time, as superhero movies continue to dominate at the movie theater. One has to wonder if the gaming industry will start creating more games for individual superheroes if this trend continues.

Injustice 2 will release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2017.

Source: Gamespot