Sayonara Superman, later Lex, and bon voyage Bane: NetherRealm’s resident predator is on the loose, and he’s positively aflame with anticipation. Officially unleashed on June 11th, owners of Injustice: Gods Among Us’ ‘Season Pass’ feature can now get their hands on Scorpion a whole five days ahead of schedule.

Following the game’s well-received April debut, Scorpion’s DLC appearance marks the first time Injustice has openly favored ‘Season Pass’ holders over non-adopters. When the bike-riding bounty hunter Lobo launched back in May, no such restrictions were enforced, nor were they introduced with the addition of the later Batgirl pack. Could Scorpion’s lure be enough to bolster pass sales by playing hard to get? Stranger things have certainly happened.

Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive has already taken plenty of flack over their problematic package deal, principally as it relates to character skin inclusivity. Two such costume packs appeared on Xbox live yesterday, before being unceremoniously pulled from circulation.

Injustice Scorpion DLC date

These accidental revelations includes three skins based upon Geoff John’s Blackest Night comic (for Doomsday, Superman & The Flash) as well as a trio of Red Son-based attires featuring Batman, Deathstroke & Green Lantern. Following tweets from the game’s official Twitter account, it has been confirmed that both will now release on June 11th also.

Fans of Scorpion’s Mortal Kombat 9 iteration will be pleased to learn that many of that game’s classic commands have been retained here, though some ‘normal’ moves – including ‘Teleport’ and ‘Hell Fire’- must now be used in conjunction with Injustice’s ‘Meter Burn’ system.

Standout strikes including the series’ ever-spammable spear toss attack return (marking one of the few moves to receive a wholly new command input) whilst dedicated throws find themselves relegated to a tri-button tap.

Mortal Kombat’s most famous denizen, Scorpion, has appeared in over 18 different MK titles spanning an impressive 21-year lifespan. First introduced in the original Mortal Kombat arcade game back in 1992, the character’s iconic appearance (as shared amongst a brood of palette-swapped dopplegangers) fiery finisher and throat-shredding shouts all conspired to create a pop-cultural idol.

The perilous yellow ninja is the first non-DC character to duke it out with Batman and chums since Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe in 2009. Redesigned by renowned comic book artist and publisher Jim Lee, this version of Scorpion lacks nothing of the grill-faced menace of his predecessors, though fatalities are once again off the table.

In anticipation of Scorpion’s fiery arrival NetherRealm have also released details of various bug fixes and gameplay balancing improvements:

  • Batgirl’s supermove no longer causes camera issues with corner-based opponent
  • First-frame wakeup moves are now available to human players
  • Online stability has been improved
  • Multiple hit blocking frame data improved
  • Assorted frame data improvements
  • The Flash’s ‘release check’ ‘Sound Pound’ glitch corrected
  • The Flash receives the ability to charge his lightning special move during opponent blocks
  • Hawkgirl’s Mace Charge attack balanced. Less effective at blocking/ more effective in overhead strikes
  • Killer Frost’s hit advantage reduced when perform dagger attack
  • Deathstroke’s sword jump wakeup glitch corrected

Scorpion will ‘get over here!’ on June 11th, costing 400 Microsoft points/ $4.99/£3.99 on PSN. Injustice: Gods Among Us ‘Season Pass’ holders can download the demonic grappler right now at no additional cost.

The Blackest Night Pack 1 & Red Son Pack 2 will also debut on June 11th. Price is yet to be confirmed but early indications suggest 240 Microsoft Points & $3.00/£2.00 for PSN is likely.

Source: CVG