The thrill of pitting recognizable DC superheroes against one another is as widespread as it’s ever been, and gamers have Injustice: Gods Among Us to thank for that. NetherRealm Studios, the same studio responsible for the critically acclaimed Mortal Kombat 9, really did a solid job on its latest fighter (read our review), but there were a few fan-favorite characters that were missing from the game’s final roster.

Galactic bounty hunter and anti-hero Lobo was confirmed as the first downloadable combatant for Injustice: Gods Among Us, and it’s now been confirmed that he’ll be laying claim to a spot on the roster in the very near future. When we say very near future, we mean it too, because Warner Bros. has officially announced that the new content will be hitting consoles on May 7th.

Accompanying this announcement is a new trailer that features Lobo going one-on-one with with the caped crusader himself. Despite featuring Batman in his Flashpoint attire, which will be a new costume that presumably accompanies the Main Man’s character data, the Dark Knight still wasn’t able to best the upcoming fighter.

Injustice DLC trailer

With a barrage of hook attacks, shotgun blasts, and a special that’s just as sadistic as the alien behind them, Lobo looks like a solid addition to a game that already features a wide cast of villains and heroes. That said, there are still a few characters that gamers would love to see make the jump over to the war-torn world of Injustice, and NetherRealm is preparing to offers its fans just that through downloadable content.

Warner Bros. Interactive has already announced that it’ll release a grand total of four new characters as part of its Season Pass, which means there are still three more combatants in the works. Just who those characters will turn out to be is anyone’s guess, but there’s no shortage of DC-owned brawlers available to join the fray.

What do you think of Lobo’s addition to Injustice: Gods Among Us? Who else would you like to see join the fighter?

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Source: @InjusticeGame (via Joystiq)