Players can currently throw down with Batgirl, Martian Manhunter, or roughly 30 other iconic DC characters when brawling in NetherRealm’s fighting sim Injustice: Gods Among Us. Thanks to pre-order bonuses and DLC packs, many of the characters also offer a few wardrobe changes. Fighters that have been using the Man of Steel Superman skin may get a matching villain in the coming months.

It looks like fans of Zack Snyder’s vision of the Superman mythos may be in for a treat if files uncovered by a user at TRMK are any indication. The keen-eyed fan spotted references to a Man of Steel General Zod skin buried within the code for Zatanna’s DLC pack. The information suggests that a new skin will have all the old moves and poses of the current Injustice version of Zod, but will rock armor inspired by the film and have a face modeled after actor Michael Shannon.

According to the folks who uncovered the files, the new model apparently has the same match introduction and voice as the current Zod. That suggests that fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath for a voice cameo by Shannon. Another file revealed a fancy Man of Steel style crest that will likely be used for the player’s super meter.

The classic Superman villain was introduced to Injustice this July in a $5 General Zod DLC pack. For an additional buck, players could also score the Man of Steel skin for Kal El. Many fans were immediately curious about the lack of a matching Man of Steel skin for Zod, so it isn’t too surprising that NetherRealm would be quietly working to deliver it to customers as well.

Injustice Man of Steel Skin Zod DLC

A few unofficial trailers featuring footage of Zod in his Man of Steel duds have popped up throughout the day, but Warner Bros. Entertainment has pulled them all off of YouTube in a hurry. NetherRealm has yet to confirm the new skin, so fans will need to wait a bit longer before they get the first official look at Zod’s new costume.

Even without Man of Steel Zod, fans of Superman should currently have plenty of other Injustice content to keep themselves busy. Since the release of the aforementioned Zatanna DLC pack, consumers are now able to add a Cyborg Superman skin to the roster. If that’s not enough, players with access can always revisit the Red Son costumes.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is currently available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. Additional skins can be expected in future DLC packs.


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Source: TRMK